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Q: How can I get out of my timeshare contract?

A: Owners who purchased have a recession period of typically 10 days.  If that time frame has passed, owners can request that their timeshare company cancel their contract, but this rarely if ever works.  When an owner realizes they are out of options Timeshare Owner Justice can quickly and efficiently help you permanently and legally exit your contract.  We have developed a revolutionary program that helps the owner FIGHT BACK against their timeshare company to get the owner to permanently and legally exit their contract. Timeshare Owner Justice is REWRITING the rules for the timeshare exit industry by aggressively challenging vacation ownership companies who seduce, coerce and mislead unsuspecting consumers into purchasing a timeshare.

Q: Can I sell or transfer my timeshare?

A: Few if any timeshare units have any value on the open market.  A quick search on Ebay or Craigslist will show hundreds of units for sale for $1.  There are timeshare resale scam companies who may promise to help sell for a fee but that is not a real option.  99% of the time it will also be impossible to legally transfer the timeshare obligation to another party. 

Q: Can my family be stuck with my timeshare contract after I pass?

A: Nearly 75% of all timeshare contracts have a perpetuity clause and commitment which passes the obligations to the owner’s heirs to take care of when they pass away.

Q: Does it matter where I purchased?

A: We can help anyone timeshare owner who purchased in the United States

Q: How do I qualify?

A: Timeshare Owner Justice offers a free consultation to understand your situation and conduct an eligibility review.  We are able to determine if you qualify, based on a review of misrepresentations, coercion, circumstances surrounding the transaction and contract and consumer protection laws

Q: How does Timeshare Owner Justice get me out of my timeshare contract?

A: Timeshare Owner Justice has developed proprietary strategies and an aggressive process that will push back against the timeshare companies and sales agents and force them to be held accountable.  We accomplish this through a combination of expertise and tenacity, application of specific consumer protections and codes as well as the unique strategy of drafting and filing specifically targeted complaints with the agencies and entities that oversee and regulate the industry.  This will pressure the timeshare companies to release you of your obligation.

Q: How long will the process take?

A: We have a two phase process, typically we can have the case filed and escalated within 90-120 days, and phase two of negotiation can be completed in a similar time frame.  In some instances the process could take slightly longer but we are able to achieve results faster than any other company in this space.  See “Our Process”

Q: Will I be completely released from the contract and obligation?

A: Yes, through our process you will be able to permanently and legally exit and terminate the timeshare and maintenance contract.

Q: Are you able to get my money back from the timeshare company?

A: Yes, in some cases where the misrepresentations, coercion and lies were especially egregious we have successfully negotiated refunds for past clients.  This is based on the details and merit of your case.

Q: Can you help me get a refund if I was scammed by a timeshare exit company?

A: Yes, we have successfully negotiated refunds from timeshare exit companies who did not perform as agreed or scammed clients.  Once again this is specific to the details of the case, the misrepresentations that were made, contract language and the particular timeshare exit company.

Q: Will my credit be affected?

A: No, our proprietary strategy does not require that the timeshare owner default on the loan payments or maintenance contracts.  In the event that the owner is already in defaults or defaults at a later date we stipulate in our agreements with the timeshare company that all negative credit reporting must be reversed.  In the event there are any negative items on your credit from the timeshare or the timeshare collection company we do work directly with a credit repair company to remove these items.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Each case is specific but the cost is significantly less than our competitors.  We will get faster results for a lower cost to you!

Q: How do I start?

A: Please fill out your information under”Contact Us” to schedule a free consultation or call us today at (719) 300-1171.

Timeshare Owner Justice provides information, consulting and timeshare exit services. Timeshare

Owner Justice is not a “law firm” but retains in-house counsel and paralegal assistance to provide guidance and legal services as necessary for clients to resolve their cases.