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I had to find a way out of these 2 timeshares I had. I couldn’t not afford them anymore due to the pandemic nor did I want to travel. Timeshare Owner Justice was able to get them canceled and they did everything they said they would do for me. THANKS! What a relief!  

Italian Trulli

My wife lost her job and we were struggling to pay the bills on my income alone. A vacation was the last thing we could do or afford. It was time to get out once and for all! Timeshare owner Justice was able to get me out of my timeshare contract at a much lower fee and did the job.  

Italian Trulli

Legally & Permanently Exit Your Timeshare Contract For Good!


  • Stuck in a life-long Timeshare Contract?

  • Misled and pressured by the sales representative?

  • Not receiving the service that was promised and sold??

    We have ALL of the knowledge and resource’s to legally and effectively get you released of your timeshare obligations. 

Fast and 100% Guaranteed Contract Termination


  • Proven Fast Contract Termination

  • Results in Months– Not years like the OTHER companies.

  • Revolutionary and proprietary strategy and process

  • Stop the harassing collection calls

  • Avoid destroying your credit rating



We force timeshare companies to revoke and cancel your contract!

Proven Fast Contract Termination.

Results in Months-- Not years like the OTHER companies.

Avoid destroying your credit rating.

Revolutionary and proprietary strategy and process.

Stop the harassing collection calls.



Faster Results | Lower Fees | Proven Process

Timeshare Owner Justice has developed a revolutionary program that helps the owner FIGHT BACK against their timeshare company, that helps to level the playing field, that helps to pressure them, that helps to put more money back into the owner’s pocket. Timeshare Owner Justice is REWRITING the rules for the timeshare exit industry by aggressively challenging vacation ownership companies who seduce, coerce and mislead unsuspecting consumers into purchasing a timeshare.

Timeshare Owner Justice provides information, consulting and timeshare exit services. Timeshare

Owner Justice is not a “law firm” but retains in-house counsel and paralegal assistance to provide guidance and legal services as necessary for clients to resolve their cases.